Our mission is to support you in (re)finding your happiness. We want you to be able to say:

“Life is good” “I love my life” “I feel happy and at peace”

When you are suffering with anxiety and depression it can be hard to connect to joy, peace and happiness. Life can feel hard, out of control or just flat and uninspiring. We know from experience that it can feel impossible to come out of that state as it becomes a chicken and egg kind of situation. You feel low or anxious and know that there are things that you could do to feel better but you just can’t get out of your low/anxious state and go and do them.

This is where we come in and want to offer you support, our Sceletium products will boost your mood and lower your anxiety so that you feel better. Is this our final goal, no, we do not want you to become dependent on our products, we want you to enjoy the natural peace and happiness that is your birthright!

But we can offer you temporary relief, very much like crutches when you have hurt your leg. You do not plan to walk on crutches for the rest of your life, you use them to help you move around while you are healing your leg. Similarly, with our products, the idea is to use them while you heal yourself.

Depression and anxiety is not your natural state, there is a reason for this. Yes, you might have low serotonin and so suffer with physical symptoms but that is not the cause, it is an effect.  So, we hope very much that while you use our products to make you feel better, you use this positive energy to explore and heal the causes of your unhappiness and start to make positive changes in your life. We are here to offer support while you do that, with our products and regular advice and tips from our inhouse life coach.

Wishing you much happiness and peace always,

The Core team
April 23, 2022 — Jules Silbernagl