If you have read the information on the rest of our website, you are probably well aware that serotonin, the feel-good hormone, plays a key-role in staving off anxiety and depression. This is why we developed our serotonin increasing products; to help you feel better as we have been there, and know first-hand how anxiety and depression can squeeze all the joy out of your life. But we wouldn’t be core natural medicine if we didn’t help you look at the Core of the issue.

Let’s start with looking at this word ‘Core’, as we believe that this is where most of the answers lay. The word Core stems from the old French word ‘coeur’ which means heart, the central most essential part. So, are we saying that the heart is the answer to your depression/anxiety? We belief so yes, following your heart, no matter how corny this sounds, does have a huge effect on your mental wellbeing.

In today’s society we mostly follow our mind; we are concerned with to-do lists, goals and budgets, with building a career, getting a promotion, raising the kids, saving for retirement and often put the dreams of our heart on the back burner.

At Core, we have found that the further we travel from living from our heart, the more we suffer, physically and mentally. You do not have to believe us but how about you just give it a little try and entertain this idea?


What would you love to do but are not doing?

We are not even talking about huge dreams, just start little. Always wanted to sing, why don’t you sign up for singing lessons or start singing in the shower? Did you dream of being an artist but became a bookkeeper? Buy a sketch book and start doodling, just for the fun of it! Want to travel the world, start visiting new places in nature around your home.

Your mind might come up with all sorts of excuses ‘ that you don’t have time’, ‘that it is silly’ ‘don’t feel like it now’ but your heart will remind you that when you do things for the joy of it, you feel better and that is what we here at Core really care about, your wellbeing!

So start to follow your heart a little more and smile yourself to better mental health.

April 23, 2022 — Jules Silbernagl